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JMW Motorsport Aston Martin Vantage GT2



Motor sport adalah motor gede yang banyak di gemari para remaja/tua.
Dan kebanyakan pula para team motor-motor sport/motor gede.dan kami telah menyediakan ber bagai motor sport lainnya.
kami menyediakan jual beli motor sport dari yang murah sampai yang paling mahal.kalau anda berminat hub.081326356088./imail.www.bahar@sport.co.id.

Dan kami juga menyediakan:-Servis
-jual beli motor sport dll.

 Kumpulan Motor Sport Kawasaki Ninja 2012

Motor Kawasaki Ninja yang terbaru 2012 yaitu model ZZ-R 1400 / ZX 14 R. Seperti biasanya setiap pabrikan motor pasti akan mengeluarkan model motor sport untuk dipamerkan dan menjadi andalan sob. begitu pula dengan motor terbaru Kawasaki Ninja 2012 ini. Melihat tampilan fotonya saja sudah terlihat bahwa new Kawasaki Ninja ZZ-R 1400 / ZX 14 R ini bukan motor sport sembarangan. Tapi masalah harga belum bisa diberitakan sob. Karena peluncurannya saja masih lama sob, mending kita lihat dulu yuck foto-fotonya seperti apa.


Motor Sport

Motor Sport 

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nodofikasi motor


Motor Modifikasi Ibu RT 

Motor Modifikasi Ibu RT Motor Modifikasi Ibu RT Motor Modifikasi Ibu RT

motorcycle modifications pictures

Drag race Kawasaki Ninja150L vs. Yamaha RX-King…..berakhir tragisss!!!Speed ​​.... always a major topic when it comes to motorcycle riders. Who is terkencang ..... he is the most handsome, maybe that's what they are there minds. And ... today, IWB shock constrained by information Igun that overnight dijalur tomb Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta toll on lives due to fighting a drag race involving two iron horse terkencang ... Ninja150L against sikobra RX-King .....

SiIgun almost every night hanging around the tomb kerjaannya Tanah Abang. Understandably his diKaret Tengsin ..... just a 5-minute walk. "Demen kang ... exciting because cavern!" Said Igun frequently expressed reason nyambangi wild drag race shootout. According doi trondol .... both motors are running out. Stangpun moved like a drag bike deprok official. I do not know how the story ..... the two youths who befriended the hot-running engine boasts panasan respectively. In the end one nantangin to prove who terkencang. Tit for tat. Mirisnya, money bets only 100ribu dollars for encouragement. And the race begins .....
Aka bare head without wearing a helmet, the two jockeys with confident preparing to start. FreeFlow 2tak roar roaring street cleric Haji Masyur mas. The first beat was on the horizon ..... Ninja King different from the one body. But after coming in second gear ... according to the narrative Igun, siKobra quickly followed Ninin. Well .. here the problem. Joki Ninja looks sleazy ... tight no room for the King who tried nyalip from the right side. Estimated speed of about 100km/jam ... suddenly a voice ... "duarrrr" ... from a distance made ​​by Kawasaki motorcycle hit the guardrail is bounced. Apparently was so desires, Ninja King cut off sharply, and at the same time anyway ... jockey King braked to avoid sambitan ..

 motorcycle modifications picture

son this occasion I want to share pictures modification motorcycles increments nice nice and okay really, for lovers of motor modifications moidfikasi images below can be used to modify the source of your insfirasi your bike or for those who love to collect images please refer to the motor or want to download please be this picture image also used very cool wallpaper for your pc or gadget

The following below is an image you are looking for motor modifications saved search please listen and look see:

how cool pictures kerenkan motor modifications may you all much like the model of motor modifications like this, so therefore used for this post may be useful

Law No. 20 Year 2009 and Modifikator Creativity Challenge
Tiger WJS StyleNavan is widely known among bikers homeland as one of the automotive paradise. Although only a small town, but the city is able to align themselves with larger cities such as Bandung, Yogyakarta, Jakarta and Surabaya in terms of creativity and the development of the automotive world.

One of the most color in the automotive world is a modification Navan. In this mendoan city, modifiers scattered in various corners of the city. Customers came from all corners of the archipelago. West Java Style (WJS) is one of the most widely known style modification in the archipelago.

However, the application of Law No. 22 of 2009 has brought its own anxieties for the modifier in Navan. It is revealed in the discussion and dissemination of the law a few months ago at DD Cafe, Navan.

In a discussion held by the Black car Community (BCC) Banyumas Banyumas Community Automotive Journalists (KJOB) and Polwil Banyumas, the modifier complained rigidity provisions governing motor modifications.

Crossover Supermoto dan Fighter  Ui, retainer Evolution Young Street Custom claimed could not imagine if all motor modifications were arrested in the street for not having learned the test results document the Ministry. "That's like castrating the modifier creativity throughout Indonesia and off the fortune and our business-we are," he said during the forum to come forward.

The same anxiety is expressed Siswo Winoto. Homeowners Win's Paddock modifications often choose this extreme flow shop admitted the possibility could be closed if the relevant authorities are too rigid to apply the policy.

Low Rider Matic Fighter 
Wiwin, as he is called, also questioned the government's readiness procedures and, if the test quotes, as required by law will actually be implemented. "If you have to go to the Ministry in Jakarta, so the same is deadly creativity modifier homeland. Because the cost would be enormous, "said modifier that has collected tens of these national trophy.

Mercy Twin 
Meanwhile, the Banyumas Polwil said that the rule of law is made to order. Of course, for the safety and comfort of driving activity on the road. In addition, this rule also made ​​not to turn off or turn on the auto business.

Banteng merah ketaton  
Red bull get injured

He said that the basic idea behind its creation was inspired by one of the company's iconic bull redbull logo with red color. Previously, he drew on the paper, then the accomplishment by using fiber glass.

motor jaguar    
Nich, other works of mas bro Massow

Previously, he also had horrendous world by motorcycle modification Jaguar. Yes, motor jaguar shaped logo.
Not explained what the machine is used to power the red bull. Caution Nyrudukkkkk ....!!!!